Re: [Evolution] scheduling resources with the exchange connector

Ok - I'm grilling him right now :)

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 11:29 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:

So, I verified with my IT folks that auto-accept and auto-reject are set
and free/busy info are being published for our conference rooms.  I can see
the free/busy for the conference room when I add it as an attendee.

I've tried reserving rooms with the following apps:

  * Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2003
  * Evolution 2.6.1 with Connector (Ubuntu 6.06.1)
  * Evolution 2.8.0 with Connector (Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot 2 + updates)

To test I created a meeting (appointment in OWA) with just me, and then
added a conference room as a "Resource" to the meeting, and use "Send".

Then I re-opened the appointment and checked the availability status.

In none of the above cases was the room marked as busy.  My calendar was
marked as busy for all three.

Soooo.... I have a suspicion this doesn't work, or if it really does
there's more to it than just setting auto-accept.

Joe, can you re-verify that resources really are marked as busy?  They do
get added properly and it all seems to work great... until you check the
free/busy and realize that they weren't really reserved after all.

I'm confused...
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