[Evolution] No English dictionary for me


I'm using Evolution 2.8 on Mandriva 2007 Free edition.  This problem
occurs on a single machine.

I log into the system using Gnome as the desktop and only find the
"Oriya" language available for spell checking.  My husband logs into the
same system using WindowMaker as his desktop and has "Oriya" and
"English" available.  I cannot seem to figure out how to make the
"English" dictionary available to me.  If I use other applications such
as OpenOffice, the English dictionary works fine.

I've searched the newsgroups and everyone seems to state I need to have
gnome-spell installed.  Evolution should automatically determine the
language type.  When I log into the system, "English" isn't even an

I've sourced my husband's profile, but it didn't help.  There must be
something different in the environment, but I can't seem to figure it

Any help would be appreciated.



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