[Evolution] Palm sync with multiple calendars

Hi All,

I have multiple calendars in Evolution and want to sync them with my
palm device. The conduit only allows me to select a single calendar, so
I don't appear to be able to do this directly.

Can anyone tell me:

1) Is there a way to do this that I simply failed to notice on the menus
(and in the manual)?
2) If there's no "standard" way, any workarounds suggested?

So far, I'm trying this; create yet another calendar, called Palm and
copy all the other calendars to it, then sync against that. This gets
everything into the palm, but doesn't help me recognize any new
appointments that were created on the palm and just arrived in
Evolution. This is OK, but makes integrating changes from the Palm into
Evolution really hard. Effectively I have to create all appointments in
evolution and use the Palm to browse them, which isn't really what the
Palm is about.

Can I work directly with the calendars? If so are there any utility
libraries that will help? I'm wondering about creating a program that
does the following:

1) create a temporary calendar called X
2) copy the other calendars to that new calendar
3) sync the Palm and the X calendar
4) determine the diffs between the X calendar and the old version of the
X calendar (didn't mention the need to keep this thing between
operations, but there you go :)
5) create a list of deleted appointments that were removed by the Palm
6) alter the X temporary calendar so that it only contains those
appointments that were created on the Palm itself. These can then be
moved into the appropriate "real" calendar by hand. (I think this step
has to be done by hand, as the Palm device doesn't understand multiple
calendars/calendar categories so far as I know).

Any thoughts on any of this? TIA!

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