[Evolution] Synchronizing desktop and laptop

I've been hunting for a while for a good way to keep my address book and
calendar synchronized between my desktop and laptop (both running
Evolution on Debian Testing).  I've tried a variety of things, and
nothing seems to work well yet.  I've looked in to using a groupware
system such as OGo, but that seems quite heavyweight and difficult to
set up (those packages seem to want to have a dedicated system or some
such).  I would try Unison, but the fact that e-d-s is always running
and doesn't seem to be able to pick up changes made to its files outside
itself, combined with the single-file nature of its storage files, seem
to render that option not viable.

I've tried using opensync to sync to a directory of files, synchronize
that with unison, and then opensync again to finish propagating changes.
That didn't seem to copy changes reliably.

I've also tried SyncEvolution and ScheduleWorld, but that continually
wrecked my evolution address book displays as it stripped all evolution
custom data from the vcard's and Evolution was therefore unhappy.

I am trying to look in to OpenSync again now that it's released 0.19,
but I'm not sure what I'll find.  I've also done just a little hacking
on an address book backend that stores entries as separated VCF files in
a directory, a la maildirs, but haven't made a whole lot of progress on
that front.

Any recommendations for a good, easy single-user mechanism for keeping
this data in sync?


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