Re: [Evolution] compiling on Freebsd

On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 10:44 -0400, Vizo Allman wrote:
Thanks for the info. That seem to work for the most part. Now I get:

configure: error: Package requirements (camel-provider-1.2
libedataserver-1.2 >= 1.7.90 libegroupwise-1.2 >= 1.7.90) were not
Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
installed software in a non-standard prefix.

But I think thats my test system is not the most up to date system.
Which brings me to this question will installing evolution data server
solve that error?

Yes.  You will basically need the newer versions of all the evo
software.  This includes gtkhtml, libsoup, evolution-data-server,
evolution, and (optionally) evolution-exchange.


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