Re: [Evolution] help function

On Sat, 2006-10-07 at 14:27 +0200, Anneke van Hellemond wrote:
Being new to Linux and Evolution, I just installed Evolution.

Need help on certain topics. But Help button does not help. Neither does
Manual. Is there a way to ask questions to Evolution support team?

Mailing lists work fairly well.

Is there a list of FAQs (and answers)?

Maybe Google knows of something.

Current imminent problem:
Need to install multiple accounts, but the Add button (as referred in
the Manual) does not exist.

For me (2.6.0), Edit->Preferences, under Mail Accounts, there's an Add
button in the upper right.  Where are you looking?

Neither can I find the Account editor, as presented on website:

That tab is specific to Exchange accounts.  You may or may not have
support for that installed.

It would also help a lot to know what Linux distribution you're running.

-Mark Gordon

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