[Evolution] Evolution comments

The IMAP mailbox type has a problem: when specifying the user, Evolution
automatically appends an '@' and the server name. This means it's
impossible to use my account since 'icon.co.za' is not the name of
the server. (I hacked a solution by placing the IP address of the IMAP
server in /etc/hosts as "icon.co.za" and specifying my username sans
the "@icon.co.za".)

Another thing I noticed immediately was that right clicking on the
mailbox (i.e. in the left panel of the main screen) gives a menu
with "Properties" - just like Windows - but there are no useful
properties to speak of once I selected it. Unless you are going to
use the "right-click-for-properties" convention consistently
and *meaningfully* thoughout all of Gnome, there is no point in
frustrating the user.

I find these shortcomings embarrassing.

That said, as a minimalist email client, Evolution is marginally

I am using Evolution 2.6.1 from Ubuntu.


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