[Evolution] Removing Duplicates and Importing

Hello all,

I have recently started using Evolution 2.6.1 under PCLOS Linux and have
a few q's I can't seem to find the answer to in the FAQ or the mailing
list archives.  Sorry if this has been asked before.  I am running a
dual-boot setup with XP, and followed the suggestions on getting my
Outlook mail over to the Linux side.  This was easy enough since I was
already using T-Bird on both sides.  It was when I started to import the
mail that problems started showing up.

When I had finished the initial account setup I went to do an import of
the mail already on my system and was, quite frankly, flatly
disappointed at the import procedure, or rather the lack of an import
procedure.  The available options were very disappointing.  When I
looked into the help, it seemed that a 'manual import' was the only

Kmail, by contrast, has a much broader set of import filters, and also
allows the detection and skipping of 'duplicate' messages.  I have
looked everywhere I can think of to find a way to remove the duplicates
in my folders with no success.  T-Bird also allows the removal of
duplicates.  KMail has that as part of the program, T-Bird requires you
to install a plugin.  The point being that both of them allow the
removal of duplicates in a straight-forward a manner, while Evolution
seems to lack that ability, or if it does have it is keeping it hidden
away in some place I can not find.

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