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Am Donnerstag, den 02.11.2006, 20:52 +0300 schrieb Илья:
When i want to create a message with a low priority flag, i use Insert - Send options menu, but in 
terminal window, where i run the evolution get an error - "Sorry send options only available for a 
groupwise account".
Is there any way to set it or plans to do such a feature in future versions?

you can set a high priority by using "insert > prioritise". as far as i
know, there is no way to set a low priority, because there mostly is no
need to.
(personal opinion:) generally, i'm not a fan of this - the *recipient*
should decide whether something is important to him, and not the sender.

and yes, that "send options" menu shouldn't be there. known bug: .


I know about a high priority, but in our department we have an agreement to set a low priority to messages 
with a humor etc, so that the busy people don't distract their attention to it.
It was a useful feature when i use Outlook.
In case of the developers would like to include it in a future releases, to whom can i address my wish?


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