Re: [Evolution] Evolution not working - can't find a solution!

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Do you store your email in "Local Folders"?

Peter Barnes wrote:
Paul, Thanks for the comments. I sell books worldwide and
therefore have to deal with emails from any country. However,
when this problem happened none of the mail appeared to be in
anything other than English. The last message to download was a
press release from a respectable German company (in English)
which had about five attached files amounting to about 2MB total
(I have seen the message on my old Windows PC).

I'm not familiar with pine, ucbmail, emacs (I'm new to Linux) -
are you saying I could get rid of this last message with this


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We see this occasionally --- message-of-death we call it
locally. Almost always the m-o-d is spam in a Chinese character

The easiest way to deal with a m-o-d is to delete it using some
other software.  Some people prefer to fire up pine or ucbmail;
I tend to use Emacs myself.

We generally advise that spam is delivered to a folder which
has the preview pane inactive.  Very rarely is it necessary to
see the contents of a mail to determine its spamicity.  In
particular, if the subject isn't in a Roman alphabet the
message is flushed instantly.   I recognize that this heuristic
isn't appropriate for everyone everywhere.


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