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Yeah....I have a similar problem.  I can actually get and read my emails but the connection to the exchange server dies about 10 times an hour and I have to do evolution --force-shutdown and relaunch for it to start working again.  Very annoying.  I'm not using Fedora though.  I'm using Arch Linux.  I've even gotten and compiled the cvs version of evolution and it's dependencies and installed them and still get the same thing.

On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 08:43 -0600, Nathan Broderick wrote:
Ade seems to be having the same problems as myself with the connector.  The problems seem to be a combination of Fedora Core 5 and the Evolution Exchange connector.  I never had any problems with Fedora Core 4 and the connector.  I have two systems with Fedora Core 5 (one is 64 bit) and they both have the same issues connecting to the exchange server using the Evolution connector.   Ever since I've moved to Fedora 5, I have not been able to get my emails once.  Evolution will come up and my folders will show emails are available, but then nothing will show up.  It's not an authentication issue.  I've also been running yum updates regularly in order to get the latest code in hopes I can use Evolution soon.  For a temporary workaround, I've been using Thunderbird.

If I could send debug information out to somebody I would be glad to help out.  I really miss using Evolution since it is the best email client for Linux I have used.

Brett Johnson wrote:
On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 02:59 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
what exactly does not work?

Not speaking for Ade, but I've observed by converting my boss to a linux
laptop (he has a corporate msexchange account, and I don't, so this was
my first experience with the connector) -- that nearly all the problems
I've run into are related to poor error reporting in Evo, and difficulty
in finding the needed information to get the connection set up (i.e. the
proper OWA URL, GAB server, and username/password format).

For example, his msexchange account has a mailbox size quota.  If he's
using outlook or OWA, and he runs out of space, he gets what looks like
an email message in his inbox telling him he's out of space (and
msexchange refuses to send any more emails).  With Evo, he gets no
indication at all, except that Evo keeps asking for his password over &
over (and the mail just silently sits in his outbox, not being sent).

Another example is that a few days ago the msexchange server had
problems, and the OWA interface wasn't working (the web page  would fail
with a 105 client reset error).  Again, the only indication he got from
Evo that something was wrong was that it kept asking for his password
over and over.

Overall though, it works quite well for him, and he's a happy camper :)


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