Re: [Evolution] memory leak

On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 05:36 +0000, Jorge Urdaneta  wrote:
I have used Evolution for a while but never had left it open more than
12 hours.

Recently i have left it open by more than 6 days. The result: 793m of
virtual memory used, making my computer totaly unusable. I have try to
see what's goin on using valgrind but it report hundred of error. It
impossible to me to see if evo actually have memory leaks or if it was
weird and hard to reproduce bug.

I'm gonna let it open again by more days to see if i can reproduce the

I have seen this behaviour with evolution, however, haven't let it run
for morethan a day.

@jorge: I would appreciate a valgrind report.  If it is really big, (it
can run into MBs), you can send a tarball of it to me.

V. Varadhan

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