Re: [Evolution] import contacts from an abook.mab stand alone file.


*.mab is from Mozilla Mail, I imported everything into that as I read that it was the same file structure as evolution, i have since found out other wise.


Andre Klapper wrote:

Am Mittwoch, den 25.01.2006, 16:27 -0700 schrieb Bone Down:
Is it possible to import all of my contacts into Evolution 2.4.1 from an 
abook.mab file?
The abook.mab file is from my old winxp install

i have no idea at all what that is. wasn't this ".wab" instead of ".mab"
if i remember those old win98 days? hmm.
i doubt that there is a direct way to import this to evolution; however,
under windows you could try to export that mab file to something more
common, like csv, vcf, or ldif, which are handled by evolution. perhaps
also using a third-party application could help. :-/

hmm. i'm not a great help. :-)



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