Re: [Evolution] Date Format in Mail View

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 18:49 +0100, Veith, Patrick wrote:
Dear all (new-to-the-list alert),

before i go to deep into evolution source i would like to ask, if there
is a known way to change the default behaviour of the "date
formatting" (<- sound fishy, or not ;) ) in mail view (i am using
Evolution 2.8.1 edgy).

Right no i get the following different formats:

1. HH:MM
2. today HH:MM
3. Yesterday HH:MM
4. <Day of the week> HH:MM
5. DD. <Month>, 16:35
6. <Month> DD YYYY

This is quite a large list of possible formats, which does not suite my
requirements very well. So i searched the ubuntu user groups and tried
to find a solution in the internet for a more strict formatting (e.g.
only HH:MM-DD.MM.YYYY). Is there a way to change the format?

If not (which i suspect is the case): I would really like to have the
feature, and i would start to develop a eplugin or submit a patch
(having programmed quite a lot, that should be manageable for me). From
what i found searchin' the web, there were some people before me having
asked how to change the format, so there might already be an opinion
about this on this list. A suggestion where to look (is this possible as
a eplugin?) would be very welcome indeed.

You can create a new view-column, say absolute-date, and display the
absolute date (without qualifying the date) there.

The place where the qualification is done is in
evolution/mail/meesage-list.c:1458 (filter_date)


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