Re: [Evolution] problems when ~/.evolution symbolically linked to directory on fat32


Am Montag, den 28.08.2006, 18:07 +0300 schrieb
subscriptions rdegraaf nl:
However, I want to store all of the data (email, calender, etc) on a
different partition by making a symbolic link between the .evolution
directory and target directory; the target directory is on a FAT32
partition. Here the trouble starts.

After I imported all the Sylpheed emails (MH directory) into a
temporary account, I cannot move the emails between these accounts.
The complaint is that it timed out creating a lock file.

Any suggestions?

yepp - do not use fat32. ;-)
i guess it's related to the fact that fat filesystems don't really have
when you mount a fat partition, all the files are given the *same* file
permissions at mount time. furthermore, once mounted, those permissions
cannot be modified.
i guess it has something to do with that.


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