[Evolution] Evolution 2.6 for Mac OSX

Hello all,

Evolution 2.6 released on March for Mac OSX had a few problems with
Exchange account setup.

So an updated release is made and the binaries are available at :


Downloading and extracting the above archive will give an installer.
Once you install using this installer, there will be a launch_evolution
that will be created under /opt/gnome-2.14/bin . Use this to launch

Once installed there will be a README that will be copied
to /opt/gnome-2.14/bin directory. You are STRONGLY advised to read it if
you want to configure an exchange account.

The release is an unsupported release. You are using at your own risk.
However, feel free to mail me if you find any issues with this release.
I will try to address them in the next release.


 Novell, Inc. 
Software for the Open Enterprise™

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