[Evolution] Evo moving mail on its own?

I have an odd problem that came up this morning. A client of mine has a
problem with space on his server and can't resolve it for a while. To
assist, I migrated the majority of his mail to my server, and stored it
in my home directory in a folder tree like this:


My own mail is stored in /home/e-smith/files/users/des/Maildir.

When I started Evo this morning at work, it was taking ages to check new
mail and I noticed it was scanning my client's mail (although the
folders are not subscribed to, it was scanning them for new mail). 

Something has moved the mail from where I put it into my Maildir tree,
as I now see folders like this:


Did Evo do this?

Any ideas gratefully accepted...



Des Dougan, Principal
Dougan Consulting Group

Ph: 604-980-2848       Email: des at DouganConsulting dot com


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