Re: [Evolution] Problem with rsync & Contact Lists

Gunther helped me with this one.  Turns out there is a way pretty simply
way to copy addressbook.db files from one machine to another.  It's not
as automatic as I'd like, but it works.  It's all described in:


On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 14:13 -0400, David Ronis wrote:
I keep hopefully identical copies of .evolution/ on my laptop and
desktops by using rsync (I run with the -a flag) and for the most part
this works--my mail folders, calendars, etc., all seem to be kept in

Recently I started making some contact lists on my desktop.  Rsync
doesn't copy them to my laptop, and my suspicion is that they are stored
elsewhere (i.e., outside the ./evolution tree).

I'm running evolution 2.6.3 on a slackware/frg-gnome box.

Thanks in advance.


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