Re: [Evolution] Empty trash . ./Purge - not working . .


2006-08-20 13:17 +1000, Philip Rhoades:

On my home machine I am using 2.6.2 on FC5 and I accidentally discovered
that there are still mails in Inbox that should not be there eg mails re
viagra etc.  I have always had "Empty trash folders on exit - Every
time" checked and even when I manually purge the Inbox these mails are
still there when I exit Evolution and open Inbox with Vim . .

Do You use IMAP? I have this problem with a couple of IMAP accounts
since upgrade to 2.6.3 (on SuSE 10.0), too. Each time I try to expunge
these accounts or close Evo (configured to expunge accounts by closing),
an error message "Command unrecognized: UID EXPUNGE". Expunging these
accounts e.g. with KMail works just fine.

What is going on?

That's my question, too!


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