Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.6.2 ... I just want to cry...

On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 10:42 +0530, Sushma Rai wrote:
I'm staring to think that every version of the Exchange Connector is a
beta release - I have not had Evol Exchange Conn working well since I
was forced to use it to get to our company email (even thinking on going
back to my WinXP machine for email!!)

Any reason why its so buggy? The exchange protocol (webdav) should be
well known by now, or does the iis the issue somewhere else?

what are the problems you are seeing? 

Multiple crashes per day, mostly from Contact lookup, switching to
Calender, constant password asking, filters not working, slow/sluggish
UI, and mostly sync issues (locks between evol en evol-echange-stor,
when I kill evol-excha-stor evol comes back), etc.

I know I have to get the proper debug messages and post it, but thats
just the point, I can expect this if I was using the latest super duper
on the edge release, but not my everyday emailer?

(using out of the box Evol 2.6.0, from SuSE 10.1, maybe SuSE fault?)

ps. It still works mostly, Im writing this from Evol

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