Re: [Evolution] Nit re: 'Hide read' and 'Show Hidden'

Thanks Andre;

On Tue, 2006-15-08 at 18:41 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
hi bill,

Am Montag, den 14.08.2006, 09:09 -0400 schrieb William Case:

having root access, you can change/add accelerator keys of existing menu
items by editing the corresponding xml file.
so have a look at "/usr/share/evolution/2.6/ui/evolution-mail-list.xml"
directory (depends on distro style; e.g. suse uses /opt/gnome/ instead
of /usr/) and add accel values to "ViewHideRead" and "ViewShowAll", for
example: accel="Control**Shift*H"
(also check the other examples in that file.) be careful though, as you
can easily break things.


For me, that little bit of knowledge is a break through.

P.S.  Keeping in mind "A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing". --
Regards Bill

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