[Evolution] Question # 2

I qm flooded with SPAM messages, up to 50 a day. My ISP (Shaw Cable)
tells me that they can do fairly little about them They are of several
types, but no more than eight or nine different types.

One of them has a a subject line : Re: yalivVjjagra, with five lower
case characters at the beginning, then VIAGRA, sometimes in caps,
sometimes in lower case sometimes mixes, with a few "j"s and "a"s
interspersed, generally after the first A or a of VIA or Via

Is there any way to put filters that would eliminate the random first
five characters and the other interspersed letters ion  the Viagra name?

The same process is used for distortions of Rolex and of Replica.

Similar, but not identical distortions are found in the messages. The
senders are always different.

Any idea of what to do with this type of SPAM?

Yves Bajard

PS: if I receive valid answers to this question, I'll test the other
types of SPAM

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