Re: [Evolution] calenders on WebDAV?

Hi Pete,

 Allow me to clarify a few things.

1. Evolution 2.4 does not support CalDAV or read/write calendars on

2. Evolution 2.6.1 supports a CalDAV backend - In other ends, you can
subscribe to a remote CalDAV server (such as HULA) - read, write and
manage your remote calendar using Evolution as the client.

3. Your set-up appears to be WebDAV operating on .ics files - not
CalDAV. I can glean from your mail that you understand the difference.


2.6.1 supports caldav - which as far as I can fathom out is like webdav,
but sufficiently not like it that anything works as you'd expect.  From
experience I would say that caldav uses similar net protocols to webdav
(but not compatible) and it stores the data in multiple .ics files (one
for each appt) rather than one big one like iCal.

I'm actually quite peeved about it all - I specifically asked a while
ago if 2.6 supported iCal over webdav and the answer was an unequivocal
'yes'. See:

The above mail thread was specific to Calendar Publishing, to which Chen
had answered yes.

With Evolution 2.6.1, you can publish a 'snapshot' of your calendar on
to a web server using WebDAV/FTP/ssh protocols.
So with Evolution, you have the ability to publish your calendars using
WebDAV and read others' calendars through HTTP (Web). 

But you cannot subscribe to a remote calendar account on WebDAV and do a
read/write, which was perhaps your assumption. The CalDAV provider in
Evolution addresses the need to manage remote calendars, arguably a
superior approach to managing ics files over WebDAV.

Hope this answers your questions.

So having waited patiently for 2.6 to come out, it was quite
disappointing to find that it didn't work.

To get read/write web based calendars on Evo, you need to use caldav -
'On the Web' calendars are read only.


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