Re: [Evolution] Can I upgrade from 1 to 2?

I've been using Evolution with POP for several years (in fact my Inbox
still has the "Welcome to Helix Code Evolution Pre-Release" message.) 
I'm thinking about upgrading my Linux distribution (currently Fedora
Core 1).  If I upgrade to Evolution 2.x, will it be hard for me to
access my pre-existing (local file, not IMAP) folders and messages?

Evolution 2.0 did import the settings of 1.4 versions just fine. Unless
the migration code was removed (which I doubt), any later version should
be able to import your old data and settings automatically on first

Note: For this to work, your old Evo data and settings have to be in
your $HOME *before* you ever start the new Evolution for that account.

Are you going to re-use your old $HOME? Do you want to switch
partitions / machines? Any further advice depends on your plans how to


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