Re: [Evolution] imap folders

Em Seg, 2005-10-17 às 22:06 -0400, reg hughson escreveu:
I am having a problem with 2.4.1 and IMAP folders.

Everything used to work fine until I did my most recent upgrade to 2.4.1. Now whenever I create a new 
folder on my IMAP server (courier), it is only visible for the current session. As soon as I close 
Evolution and open it back up again, the new folder is not displayed. The folder is still there with any 
emails and still receives new email but is just not displayed. 

Every other component of my email system is working as it did and should. If you checked, I switched back 
to Sylpheed which has no problems with the very same IMAP server that 2.4.1 will not behave properly with.

Anyone else having similiar problems?

Feature not problem: You have to "subscribe Folder" before it becomes
visible (Standard IMAP procedure). You' ll find the command in "Tools"

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