Re: [Evolution] mailsync question

hi david,

sorry for answering very late.

Am Freitag, den 16.09.2005, 16:37 -0400 schrieb David Ronis:
I've looked at the ~/.evolution/mail/local directory and it is clearly
more involved than a simple unix mailbox.  There are the
following files:


Inbox looks like a standard mailbox file (although I'm not expert and
am not 100% sure) but the rest certainly aren't.  If I were to run
mailsync only on the Inbox file on the two machines, it might work,
but how about the rest (my bet is that they won't).

the four latter files contain internal evolution meta data for indexing.
if they  do not exist when starting evolution, evolution needs to build
them, so starting evolution takes *much* longer. :-)

(thanks to guenther for the info.)

If mailsync doesn't work, is there another program that can do what I

multisync for example, .


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