[Evolution] Evolution 2.4.1 > Exchange mailbox name different from username

Hello - 

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find
anything.  I'm using Evolution 2.4.1, Ubuntu, and am having trouble
setting up an Exchange account.  I think the problem is that the mailbox
name is different from the username.

In other words, the setup is like this:
Login: DOMAIN\sboston
Mailbox: scott.boston
Email: scott boston company com

In the account setup wizard nothing seems to work - every combination of
options causes either an unknown error or an authentication error.  I've
confirmed many times that the password and username are correct, using
OWA.  I tried to hack together an account by setting it up as IMAP
first, and then switching to Exchange, but I get a "mailbox sboston does
not exist on this server" error when trying to login.  Note that the
mailbox should be scott.boston, not sboston.  If I recall correctly,
previous versions of Evolution allowed you to enter the mailbox name

So, first question - is this supposed to work somehow?  If so, how do I
set it up?  Next question - is there an immediate way to hack this
together, by editing config files, etc.?

Thanks much,
Scott Boston

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