Re: mailto: with Body part broken (was: Re: [Evolution] Three small questions about Evolution)

On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 02:50 +0100, guenther wrote:
I can't say that Evo's behaviour is strictly wrong, since all it's doing
is what Firefox is telling it, i.e. create a message with a given Body.
The Evo developers could argue that adding an extra line in Normal
format is exceeding the spec.

It would be nothing more than adding a newline at the end of the given
Body string.

Of course, but standards lawyers will say it's still a change, so maybe
it should be optional.

It's what I want in this case, but is it
always what I want? Neither can we ask Firefox to know about Evo's
formatting features.


One solution would be an extra Evo command line option to allow callers
to ask for strict/nonstrict inclusion of the body text.

Don't think this will work, since mailto: is some kind of a standard,
implemented by Browsers and MUAs all over the place.

Yes, according to Google it's RFC2368, and there isn't any obvious way
of making it do what we want.

Seems to me the alternatives are:

1) An Evo config option to simply add an extra line after the Preformat

2) An Evo config option to allow one to set the initial format of
mailto: body text.

(1) is simpler and would cover the case under discussion.

What's definitely a bug is b), though...



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