[Evolution] Direct resource booking with Exchange server?


Does direct resource booking work with Exchange server (e.g., to book
a conference room)?  I've seen several claims that evolution supports
direct booking.  I can't figure out how to get it to work.  Even if I
set the participant type to Room or Resource, it still tries to send
an email invite to the room, which due to my employer's setup results
in an error saying I don't have permission to send to that mailbox.
Direct booking works if I use Outlook on Windows.

I also saw a release note containing a bugfix for the exchange
connector claiming to fix direct booking but the bug wasn't viewable
in bugzilla (said I didn't have permission):


Can anyone help?  I'm using Evolution 2.0.4 from Debian sid.  I've
rebuilt libldap2 with the NTLM patch (and rebuilt the exchange
connector afterwards to enable its NTLM support).



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