[Evolution] Evol2 Backup

I have been trying to backup Evolution 2 from a machine at work and bring it home to a machine here and dump the whole lot in. I am running Mandrake 10.1.

I backed up /home/user/.evolution & /home/user/.gconf/apps/evloution in their entirety.

This was then copied to the same locations in a new install of the same Mandrake 10.1 and Evolution was opened up. It wanted to go thru the first time wizard and I put in the details for one of the accounts, although I was hoping all this would have been preserved in the back up??

After doing that it opened up fine and virtually everything worked, except it did not preserve the other mail account settings and a couple of the preferences in the various configurations were not kept either.

None of this was a real drama as the main items like the mail, calender etc were intact.

It has however got me intrigued as to what I did wrong with the back up or the restore?????

Any help will be appreciated.


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