[Evolution] hanging when downloading messages

I am running evolution 2.0.2-3 on FC3.

Whenever evolution tries to download messages from my POP3 accounts (I
have 5 different ones), it will always hang when trying to download the
third message from the same account. I can hit cancel in the send and
receive window for that account and it will expunge the 2 messages from
the server that it has downloaded. I then have the do send and receive
again to get the next 2 messages and so on.

As you can imagine, this is a big PITA when I have to download 20 or
more messages at a time, having to hit send and receive then cancel 10
or more times to get all the messages.

This only appears to be a problem with my POP3 accounts. If I have 3 or
more message on a local account, it will read those without any
problems. I do not have access to any IMAP accounts to test that at this
time. It is getting to a point where Evolution is almost useless for
downloading mail messages, and that is too bad because I really like it
for my mail client.

I know it is not my network connection or my mail server. I can use
Thunderbird or other email clients to download the messages, and it will
suck all of them down in one try, not matter how many there are. Also, I
have tried uninstalling Evolution and then reinstalling it, but that
didn't help. Same problem.

Has anyone seen this problem before? What can I do to try and track down
what the issue is and resolve it?

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer with this

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