[Evolution] IMAP box local copy format?


Playing with another program that interacts with my IMAP server I
manage to erase my 60 Mb worth of stored mail. I have seen that
evolution keeps a local copy for offline browsing of all the mail in
the IMAP server, so I was trying to recover my mail from the local
copy and put it back in the server as well. I have tried to read the
content of the different folders with some Maildir and MH utilities
(since it seems that there is one mail per file, all the files
finishing with a dot) but I have not succeded so far. I have made a
backup copy of all the content of my mail/imap/Imap_account folder and
I see the 60 Mb of mail there, but I can't find the way to reimport
the mail in the server or in evolution... What would be the proper way
to do it? should I convert the different folders to mbox format and
then reimport then in evo? How do I do that?

Thanks on advance for the help!


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