Re: [Evolution] Evo 1.4.6 to Evo 2.2, SuSE to Ubuntu

Greetings - I have Evolution 1.4.6 on my desktop with SuSe Pro 9.0. My
laptop has Ubuntu 5.10 with Evolution 2.2. I would like to copy my
/home/kelly/evolution files with all my accounts, settings, etc. to the

Well, basically the answer is this post:

First of all some basics: Both 1.4.x as well as 2.x.y do store (most of)
the settings using GConf, thus they are in ~/.gconf/apps/evolution. Evo
1.4.x still uses the old ~/evolution directory for data, which changed
to the hidden directory ~/.evolution since 2.0.0.

*If* there is *no* new Evo data which you want to keep on the target
machine  you should remove those dirs first to cleanly import your old
1.4.x data. Namely that is:

On the *target* machine remove the directories ~/evolution (if it
exists), the new data dir ~/.evolution as well as the settings dir
~/.gconf/apps/evolution. Be sure to kill all backend tasks *first*
before messing with those dirs: 'evolution --force-shutdown' will close
the Evo backend tasks and 'gconftool-2 --shutdown' will shut down the
GConf daemon. If you don't do this, the date still will be in memory!
After removing those dirs, we got a clean Evo environment on the target

Before I proceed, I want to make sure that I am going in the right
direction. In my target (i.e. Ubuntu) system, there is nothing in
/home/kelly besides Desktop and Documents, i.e. there is no
/home/kelly/evolution (since Evo hasn't been set up yet) but there is
also no gconf or .gconf, etc. (I do have the "show hidden and backup
files" checked). Does this mean that Ubuntu keeps these files elsewhere?
I've done a search and haven't found them yet. Or should I just proceed?

Well, I can not believe, there is nothing besides Desktop and Documents
in your $HOME, if you did use GNOME at all with that account. Even
without using GNOME at all, there very likely are hidden dot files by
default. And I highly doubt, that Ubuntu patched GConf to use a
different directory...

There sure is no evolution (1.4.x style, not hidden) dir -- cause you
never used this old version on the new account. FWIW, if that directory
doesn't exist, you don't need to delete it. ;-)  But you need to copy
that dir (as mentioned in the detailed discussion) to make Evolution
migrate that data.

Nautilus just failed for me too, to display the hidden dot files --
until I opened a new Nautilus window after changing the displaying
option. Reloading the dirs contents did not change anything. This is a
Nautilus bug...

Nonetheless, they do exist: Open a terminal and use the command
'ls -a ~' to see for yourself. This will list all the hidden
directories, no matter what Nautilus displays...

Regarding "going into the right direction": As I mentioned, always do
have backups handy. That way you always can revert back without losing
valuable data.

Hope this clears things up...


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