[Evolution] exchange plugin

I'm new to the list and I'm sure this has been asked a
million times but the faqpage seems to be down so
don't flame me.....
That said...hello all. I would like to check my
exchange e-mail. I run Mepis and evolution 2.2.3 with
exchange plugin. At first I had the option to shoose
exchange as the receiving email option. It errored out
when configuring it. I don't have/remember the error
but I was going to duplicate it today but now I don't
even get the option to add an exchange server...I
tried reinstalling the exchange plugin but that made
no difference. I see how to configure the set up but
are there any docs on trouble shooting if it doesn't
work out? Any exchange tips would be appreciated. I'm
running exchange 2003 also.

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