[Evolution] Free/Busy, Evolution and MacOS Mail

 it seems that MacOS Mail doesn't support FB, at least people I know
using Mail cannot publish a VFREEBUSY but only a VEVENT calendar.

Is it possible to consider a VEVENT calendar as a VFREEBUSY one, using
it in schedule meeting?
ie: if I set an FBURL in a Contact but this URL contains VEVENTs instead of
a VFREEBUSYs, go on (complain once?) and try to plan anyway considering
'busy time' any VEVENT in it.

Cosimo Alfarano <kalfa at bononia.it> or <kalfa at cs.unibo.it>
0DBD 8FCC 4F6B 8D41 8F43  63A1 E43B 153C CB46 7E27 

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