Re: [Evolution] cleaning up old data

All the data is in .evolution or evolution so you can't possibly have
any of it anymore.

It is probably the settings, they are in gconf.  And yes, the
registry-like nature of gconf was always warned about and turned out to
be a a valid warning.

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 22:38 +0200, pieter van der eems wrote:

It seems that I'm having trouble with old settings and data while
using evolution.
How do I remove all old data and settings ? I've already removed the
.evolution and evolution directories from my home dir and even did a
apt-get remove --Purge evolution but that didn't help. When I
reinstalled evolution all old data magically reappeard.

I've had this problem before with buddy's being magically recreated
after deletion from gaim and it turned out to be because of the
evolution-plugin in gaim.

I'm getting a windows feeling :-( of not being in control anymore :-(

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