Re: [Evolution] Missing very useful feature

On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 08:38 -0500, frank pineaus com wrote:
Quoting Gavin Chester <gavinchester1 hotmail com>:

With all respect, it seems a redundant request since almost all desktop
managers offer multiple desktops.  I simply dedicate one desktop to a
fully maximised evolution and run all my other apps in one of any of the
remaining ones (I run 8 in total).  Works very well for me - and others,
from what I hear on lists :-)

It's not productive to keep switching to another desktop to see if you have new

Fair enough, if that's your preference.  Personally, I couldn't disagree
more and find it is NOT productive to get notice of new mail every time
one comes.  I get around a 100-300 emails a day, some very critical to
my business but most mailing list traffic.  I find no trouble jumping
between desktops to check my mail when my time and inclination permits.
Anymore than this and I'd be distracted and go crazy :-)


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