Re: [Evolution] Can't change password of POP profile

Am Montag, den 11.07.2005, 11:30 +0200 schrieb Philippe Menard:
The problem is that I can't change the password stored in my Evolution
It is configured with Server Type = POP, Authentication Type =
Password, Remember Password = Yes. 
I have even deleted and recreated the profile but tcpdump shows that
Evolution keeps using the *old* password. 
What is needed for Evolution to prompt for the password ?  
Is Delete Profile really deleting something ? Should I delete a file
manually in  ~/.evolution/... ? 

hi philippe,

evolution stores your data in "$HOME/.evolution/", your account settings
in "$HOME/.gconf/apps/evolution" and your passwords in
"$HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution". the passwords are not stored
encrypted, just base64 encoded. you could just remove the latter directory.


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