[Evolution] evolution exchange and multiple mailboxes ... ?


is there a possibility to access multiple exchange mailboxes (and
calendar, todo) with evo and exchange connector? how do you do it?

The other mailboxes i have to access are regular users. In the past i
solved the mailbox problem by using imap to connect to the other
mailboxes. but since evo 2.2 exchange boxes seem to be no more
accessible via imap nor imap4. imap access is allowed on exchange 2003
(it's exactly an sbs2003).

other imap boxes (on gnu/linux machines) are accessible correctly.
so it seems to be a problem with evo and exchange imap...

the better solution for me would be to have multiple exchange boxes
configured, which evo doesn't seem to like :-( Isn't it possible to
start up the connector multiple times to work around?

software versions (debian unstable)
--- snip ---
evolution                          2.2.2-4
evolution-exchange                 2.2.3-2
evolution-plugins                  2.2.2-4
evolution-data-server1.2           1.2.2-5.1
evolution-webcal                   2.2.1-1
--- snap ---

Thanks in advance for any hints,


Michael Flaig <mfl security indeca de>

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