Re: [Evolution] Exchange and Evolution

Is there currently a version of Evolution that allows me to connect to
exchange servers?

[smug answer ] Yeah.. It's called Evolution 1.4 to 2.2.  :-)

[Humble Answer]
Yep.. All Evo versions will permit that. (there are some caveats though
in working with some exchange servers. I hear it's problematic on >
Exchang 2003)

I believe for you, depending on your distro of choice, you need to
install ximian-connector. That would solve your problem.

probably evolution-connector in later releases. It works OK with
exchange 2003 although I find evo hangs semi regularly (once or twice
a day) and that calender reminders are quite unreliable. Not sure
whether this is due to Exchange 2003 though. I've tried to run it up
through gdb to get further details but didn't get very far.


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