[Evolution] we be hanging



I’m new to this list but have using evolution for about 6 months. Congrats on getting the LinuxJournal Editors Choice awards for July 2005!


My problem: our IT-administrator rebooted our exchange server two days ago. He said he didn’t apply any patches/fixes/etc. Now,however, evolution’s behavior has changed: it works fine for about five minutes, then hangs/freezes/locks up.  Specifically, the UI does not hang, but if I click on message, the window opens but  evolution does not populate the new window with the message contents.  Over time, the ‘inbox’ will appear empty. On the bottom left corner of the screen, the message “retrieving message 0003797 (a2)…” appears.  Once evolution has started to “hang,” I can’t access other email servers with other protocols (e.g. linux/imap).


I’m running evolution on gentoo linux.


Any suggestions?




Bill m


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