Re: [Evolution] (bug!) Emacs keys again...

Roland Orre wrote:

This is the one I currently use:

I think that is actually the default gtkhtml one.

Yes, it is. BTW, I am able to use the emacs keybindings once the gconf key is set to Emacs. However, I can only use the accelerators mentioned in the *-emacs.xml file, like Ctrl-Shift-TAB for indent and so on. (Please open the *-emacs.xml file to see the available accels).

The gnome/gtk settings doesn't change. It is still set to Emacs
and it only it is only evolution, which is affected. Other
applications work.
evolution uses gtkhtml for editing, which in turn provides the emacs keybindings for it. So, other Gnome apps are not affected. btw, in which other apps are you able to use the emacs keybindings.

Yes, I know. I haven't bothered much about it, I intended to do someth
about the general key settings later. It was only when the most basic
keys ^A,^F,^B,^P,^N,^E,^K,^Y stopped working in evolution after my
upgrade to it became serious.
So, these keybindings were working in evolution before the upgrade? If so, I am not sure how. I do not find the associated acclerators for ^A, ^F, ^B, etc., in the *-emacs.xml file.

- Kaushal

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