[Evolution] Re: Sent folder is not one of all local and active remote folders

About my message and the reply:

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 12:22 -0400, W Randolph Franklin wrote:

I created a vfolder intended to hold all mail to or from Jim.  The rule
was that if any of the sender or recipient contained Jim, searching all
local and active remote folders, then include that message.

It didn't include any mail from me, until I edited the rule also to
check the Sent folder.

1. Why is the Sent folder treated differently?

Because otherwise your vfolers end up containing stuff most people are
generally not interested in, and it is so trivial to add.  I'm sure you
spent more time writing this mail than just adding it.

Sorry, wasn't trying to be a pest.   Naive users (me) often see a project 
differently than experts (you). 

Editing every vfolder isn't instantaneous.  However, I wrote the message
to save other people the real time sink, which was identifying the
specification error, i.e., 'all' really meaning 'all except Sent'.
Those things are easy to describe but hard to nail down.  The simplest
solution would be to change that line of text to say "all local and
active remote folders except Sent'.

Making things easier for most evo users is great.  I
hadn't realized that other evo users don't need to locate messages that
they've sent as often as locating messages that they've received.

None of these points should detract from the global point that vfolders
are great, and IMHO are one of the biggest advantages of evo over kmail.

2. Are this (any other curiosities) documented anywhere?

In the manual if anywhere other than the source.
Not in the manual.  It's a beautiful intro, but light on advanced

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