[Evolution] Where does Evolution keep its calendar information?

I recently changed distros (from SuSE to FC4) and transferred the
contents of my home directory.  However, I had to leave behind most of
my hidden directories (especially Gnome-related) as Gnome desktop
wouldn't fully load otherwise.

I did copy my entire .evolution directory over, however, I'm missing 2
calendars I had added in my old setup.  I still have the "Personal"
calender, with all its entries, but the 2 other calenders I had added do
not appear in the list, nor do the entries they had in them appear on
the calendar.

I'm curious as to where that information might be.  I still have the
files I had not copied over, so they should be somewhere here.  I just
don't know exactly where to look for them.  Would anyone be able to tell
me how I might be able to recover my missing calendars?
Preston Kutzner | Network Administrator

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