Re: [Evolution] Upgrade Evo 2.01 to ?

Am Sonntag, den 03.07.2005, 22:20 -0400 schrieb Kelly J. Morris:
Andre - OK. I see Evo 2.2.3 there. I've downloaded and installed rpms
before but ... what's a "snapshot?" Does this designate it as an
"evaluation version" or "beta" or...? Apologies for my ignorance.

no problem... well, snapshots are daily releases (you're right in that
kind of way). but since 2.2.x is the stable release version and 2.3.x
are the unstable development versions, i consider 2.2.x-snapshots as
very very stable - they are normally better then the "normal" versions
because a few more bugs should have been fixed since the "normal"
release of that version number.
at least i never had problems with the stable snapshots.


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