[Evolution] [OT] MyOSS Magazine - Edition 3 Available Now!

Hi All,

Just wanted to announce that MyOSS Magazine - Edition 3 (We're Edition
3!) is now officially hitting the street. This is a community driven
project which aims to publish monthly. (Sorry if this is considered as

Securing your Network Connection using OpenSSL
OpenSSL is a very important protocol in this day and age. The
profilteration of the internet has made this protocol of utmost
importance to secure financial and other transactions. We'll walk you
through setting up your own Certificate of Authority and implementing
your own secure connection using OpenSSL.

FreeBSD Jails
We talked about virtualisation in Edition 2, in Edition 3, we will guide
you to setting up your own virtual server using FreeBSD Jails. Have fun
in your very own Jail, wreck it as much as you want.

LPI - Linux Professional Institute
Empowering the users via certification.

Tip of The Month
Our resident tipster brings to your even more tips to make your life
easier. This month's tips include a topic specifically targetted at
Gentoo users.

And More!!
      * ACE Framework
      * Libraries in Linux/Unix
      * RX Packets


MyOSS Magazine Team

ps : Someone took the liberty to include links to the mag in the wiki. Thanks.

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