[Evolution] Bugzilla used?

I intended to report the evolution keybinding bug into
bugzilla but then found that this bug is reported
long time ago (2004-11-12)

and I guess it is useless to report it once more.

Are the bugzilla  reported bugs really considered by
the evolution developers?

There are several bug reports related to this as 150059
and 259331 (very old 2004-05-31), but none of them seem
to be solved.

It is quite scary to see comments like: (in bug 232441)
by Michael Meeks (2002-10-17)
" I gave up with the emacs keybindings - they don't work
  well anyway for lots of similar reasons ;-)"

OK, this is a joke, but the issue is serious.

The reason I use free software is because it gives me
freedom. I can use the computer in the way I prefer.
To use non free software would mean to "give up".

It seems, of some reason, that people do not consider
certain bugs "important enough" or something. This key
binding bug is very very annoying. Now I want to fix
it myself so I can continue use evolution, but I also
feel my limitations here. I need help to fix this.

        Best regards

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, Roland Orre wrote:
I guess the problem with key bindings in evolution may be
in gtkhtml as well, so I downloaded gtkhtml-3.6.1. I don't
know if other, working applications, also use gtkhtml, or
if it is just evolution.

I would be very grateful if someone who knows how these
modules are glued together could give me a hint.
      Best regards

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, Roland Orre wrote:
I know there are several developers listening on this list,
now I've dowloaded the evolution source (the
latest available at www.gnome.org).

The problem: Emacs keys only working in first composed message.

To correct the key behaviour I would need a hint which file
I need to start debugging. I suspect:
routine construct (MessageTagEditor *editor)
but I'm lost so far, as I'm not experienced with gtk.

Start evolution, ask for "New",
editing keys working, i.e. they have emacs like behavior.
Discard the composer, ask for "New" again.
Now the editing keys are not working.
When pressing e.g. Ctrl-A I get select instead of beginning of line.

I need help, this need to be fixed. I actually like evolution,
but I just can't use it if the editing keys are not working.

    Best regards

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