Re: [Evolution] Calendar Email Support

hi jpr,
hi joseph,

Am Montag, den 27.06.2005, 12:44 -0400 schrieb JP Rosevear:
On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 04:51 -0500, Joseph Bowers wrote:
As of yet, I have been unable to find anything referencing the email
function in the alarms for the calendar.  Can anyone tell me why this
feature is greyed out?

Its greyed out because its not implemented on the client side.  Only if
the server you are using (Sun's server) implements it.  Otherwise you'd
have real problems get email alarms if your machine was shut off or

nice to know, i added that as a comment to bug 218432 (which is about
sending mails as an appointment reminder):


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