Re: [Evolution] Misleading PGP/GPG signature message

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 10:39 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 02:59 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote: 
On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 10:29 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

man gpg

That doesn't tell him what he needs to know.

Well, it does actually.

People learn more when they find out for themselves, particularly
since it is rather off-topic for this list.

Sometimes, one must know what question to ask, or what the precise
vocabulary of a program is, before googling or reading man pages.

Omar, the "gnu privacy assistant", a.k.a. gpa, is a great GUI 
interface to gpg.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
PGP Key ID 8834C06B I prefer encrypted mail.

"It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by
preparing for war."
John F Kennedy

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