[Evolution] Re: [connector] After using Evolution/Connector for more than 5 months

tor, 20 01 2005 kl. 16:23 -0500, skrev Christine McLellan:
8- if I use the Threading mode in displaying the emails it's hard to
know where I get a new message when I collapse a thread (I must expand
each thread to know in where I got a new email)
What are you suggesting as an alternative?  

I think it'd be REALLY nice if the date used for sorting when in
threaded mode is the date of the NEWEST mail in the thread instead of
the top level mail which naturally is always the oldest. If you have
just one long running thread in your inbox, you can't use threaded mode,
because you won't notice a new mail, because you have to scroll way down
to find it.

SÃren Hansen <sh warma dk>

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